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Testimonials From Our Customers and Industry Partners


AmeriDream has received hundreds of letters of appreciation from its beneficiaries.  Please take a moment and see what they have to say about us.

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The Roesnthall Group, Inc

We are consultants assisting low and moderate income families in Mississippi, more specifically families in the MS Second Congressional District and the MS Gulf Coast, become homeowners. Over 60,000 homes are needed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and over 54,000 homes are needed in the MS Second Congressional District. The lack of Down Payment Assistance (DPA) would make it almost impossible for some of these families to achieve the American Dream and build wealth. Ninty-nine percent of them lack savings for Down Payment. We currently have over 200 people in our pipeline who have been going through Home Buyer Education and Credit Restoration in homes of leveraging any and all the DPA they can get. By leveraging multiple DPA programs we have shown low and moderate-income families how they can affordable a $100,000 mortgage with up to $40,000 in combined DPA. If DPA is eliminated, we would also see an inccrease in homelessness, job losses and a slowing in the economy. For each new home that is being built, creates 28 jobs per home. We ask you to please not emilinate DPA but increase it in some way or form. Thank you!

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