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DreamKeeper - Mortgage Payment Relief Program

How It Works:

(1) Review the Program Overview

(2) Select the coverage that best meets the needs of your homebuyer - Option 1,2 or 3

(3) During the Gift Application process, click the AHAA/DreamKeeper drop down to select membership level and DreamKeeper coverage.

(4) The homebuyer will be issued a policy at time of closing and coverage will begin immediately. A hard copy of the policy will be mailed to their home.

DreamKeeper is not available in the following States:

See Program Definitions for more details.


The DreamKeeper program overview highlights key features of the three different options available to homebuyers.

There is no vesting period for their coverages. Options are not available in all states. There are eligibility requirements, dollar limits, time restrictions, conditions and exclusions for each coverage plan that could delay or even prevent payment of benefits.

The coverage provides a maximum consecutive monthly payment of up to $2000 per month for a 4 month period. It is possible that a covered person could be paid for two such periods during the term the insurance is in effect up to a total of $16,000 (or any combination of less than that, for example, 2 months of involuntary unemployment, back to work for 6 months, then 3 months of involuntary unemployment in the same coverage term, would result in $10,000 of payments for the total 5 months of unemployment).

There is joint coverage for the same cost. For example, if a husband and wife are both working and selected joint coverage, both are covered for 50% of the maximum benefit ($8000 in total) and payment levels ($1000 per month). In the alternative, both may be insured fully by purchasing policies for each.

The actual maximum amount for monthly payment is determined by Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance (P.I.T.I.). This payment will be made directly to the homebuyer's mortgage company.