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Real Estate Professional Videos

Debra B.

I have been in the real estate business for more than ten years. I have worked as an Real Estate Appraiser in two different state and currently hold my real estate license in three states.

I have the knowledge of the Ameridream program. It's a program that's widely needed in this country. The people that qualify for this program are not just given a house. They must qualify for the program with several different factors involved. Job stability, credit scoring, classes, income, and more. Without these factors in place these otherwise good people would never have the same opportunity to obtain the American dream of home ownership.

Is home ownership just for the middle and upper class? No, If all  the factors line up there's no reason as to why a low income family not have the same rights of home ownership.

As a realtor, a good 25% to 30% of my income comes from Bond programs, Ameridream, and First time home buyer programs. If the Ameridream program is eliminated its not just home buyers that suffer. Its all of the real estate industry. Potential homebuyers, Realtors, loan officers, mortgage brokerages, appraisers, home inspectors, and more.

The Ameridream program is a vital asset to the real estate industry and this country. This country needs the Amieridream Program.

Lynne R.

I am Realtor in Tennessee. I have helped over 30 clients buy homes that could not have bought a home without the DPA progams. They are all still currently in their homes and paying on time. They all have good jobs, good credit, and work hard for to keep their homes every month. Taking away down payment assistance is like taking away the American Dream to own a home. I think Lenders should come with me on the front lines with Realtors, and lenders who are trying to make the market better, and ask them what to do. Not an analyst looking at a bunch of numbers. If we thought the housing market was bad before this, you are really going to see bad it can get if you take down payment assistance away. Our leaders should be more worried about bringing jobs back to the United States. That would solve the housing crisis. Keep our jobs in the US, and make companies do so!!

Denise A.

I'm a Real Estate Agent in Phoenix, AZ. I've had the pleasure of being able to help several families conquer the American Dream of owning their own home thanks to the help of programs like AmeriDream. Programs like this benefit Buyers, Sellers, and the Entire Community! Taking away these programs is NOT going to solve our Mortgage Crisis; on the contrary it will dig us further in the hole! There is alot of inventory out there, especially bank owned properties and eliminating this type of assistance is going to keep that inventory on the market a very long time, continuing to decrease home values etc. The economy is hurting as it is already and buyers just don't have the 'extra' money to save 3-10% to buy a home, most of them CAN however afford a monthly mtg. It's a shame that the government would do away with such help, it's going to hurt us all!

Israel B.

"I was told by one of my preferred lenders that HUD is trying to get rid of Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs like Ameridream, Quickdown, etc. and they asked we write a letter in support of these programs. I have been a full time agent for 4 years in the Elgin, Illinois area but also do business throughout Kane, McHenry and Cook Counties of Illinois and I have seen many good buyers benefit from these types of programs. Being that I am only 27 years old, I deal with allot of first time buyers who need that little extra push to make their dreams of a home come true. I do not feel these programs jeopardize the buyer, seller nor the end lenders in any way, shape or form. Sellers price their homes with room to negotiate anyway and recent laws preventing a purchase price to be any higher than the latest list price here in Illinois prevent any over spending or over buying on homes. These programs are helpful and the last thing the real estate industry needs at this time is something else to limit the amount of good buyers out there even more. Thank you for your time in reading and considering this request to keep these DPA programs available."

Linda K.

"I am a Realtor teaching a class at the Women's Resource Center Fresh Start in Phoenix Arizona. I have been teaching "Every Women Can Own a Home" for the last 4 years. I have used Downpayment assistance programs such as AmeriDream when it was much harder to do so than in this environment. Most of the women I deal with are either coming out of a divorce and have children or are working women who never thought they could own a home. And they could not without the use of AmeriDream. Why would you want to take away this opportunity? Most of the women are work with are very concerned with their monthly payments and they work closely with the Mortgage Broker to assure they do no go over what they can afford.

These women would still be renting and paying off someone else's mortgage if it was not for AmeriDream and the education they receive in my class on homeownership."