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How It Works

Buyers' Agents

  • Have your buyer pre-approved by a lender and determine if the buyer needs down payment assistance.
  • Help your buyer find a home they would like to purchase.
  • Make an offer to the seller, explaining AmeriDream down payment assistance and the Seller Enrollment Form.
  • Ratify the contract.
  • The Buyer’s lender submits a gift application for the AmeriDream Down Payment Gift Program.
  • The Buyer receives gift approval from AmeriDream.
  • Go to settlement.

Sellers' Agents

  • Explain AmeriDream’s program to seller and submit a Seller Enrollment Form.
  • Accept offer from interested homebuyer.
  • Sign the Seller Enrollment Form.
  • Go to settlement.
  • AmeriDream’s service fee will be withheld from the proceeds of the sale of your home.

The real estate professionals’ role is to facilitate the transaction, helping buyers and sellers through this complicated process. Real estate professionals who are representative of both buyers and sellers should present all options to their clients.