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How It Works

  1. Contact AmeriDream for a qualified real estate professional and qualified mortgage professional in your area if you are not already working with one.
  2. Contact a lender and get a pre-approval letter for a loan that accepts gifts from AmeriDream.
  3. Choose a real estate professional and begin your home search
  4. Find the home you’d like to purchase
  5. Make an offer on the home
  6. Once the contract is ratified, your lender will submit a gift application on your behalf to AmeriDream.
  7. The Homebuyer will receive a notice of gift approval from AmeriDream.
  8. Go to closing.

Lenders and real estate professionals will explain the home buying process to buyers, as well as the AmeriDream’s Downpayment Gift Program.

Buyers will need to be qualified for a loan that accepts gift funds, such as an FHA or conventional loan. Interested homebuyers should contact a lender or a real estate professional to begin the down payment assistance process.