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The Federal Government Slamming Door on Homeownership
Homebuyers Get The Shaft


One of our country's most important homeownership programs is in jeopardy. It has helped more than one million home buyers; maybe you, a family member or a friend.
You must speak up now! There is less than two months to stop this action.

Over the past 10 years charitable down payment assistance organizations funded in part by home sellers have:

  • Helped over one million people become homeowners.
  • Given over $4 billion in cash for down payment assistance.
  • Spurred $11 billion of direct spending with $24 billion of net economic impact.
  • Never used government money or taxpayer dollars.

Yet, some members of Congress and the Administration want to end these programs.
During the current housing crisis, ending these programs would increase foreclosures and destabilize home values by denying over 100,000 qualified homebuyers annually from purchasing a home.

This action would:

  1. Affect hard working families all across the country.
  2. Force the government to spend your taxpayer dollars to create a replacement program (in other words, a bailout).

You MUST speak up now! This program can be protected if you act now. Tell the Members of Congress and the Administration that this programs helps working class Americans and should NOT be ended.