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Association for Homeowners Across America (AHAA) Created to Represent American Homeowners and Homebuyers

GAITHERSBURG, Md. (March  23, 2005) – In an effort to improve the home buying and homeownership experience, and to serve as a voice for millions of Americans who currently own homes or are looking to buy homes, AmeriDream, Inc.®, the nation’s leader in providing affordable housing opportunities, announced today the creation of the Association for Homeowners Across America (AHAA). The first of its kind, AHAA is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization that will provide homeowners and homebuyers with a one-stop resource for homeownership-related education, services, exclusive offers and advocacy.   

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Association for Homeowners Across America because American homeowners – who represent more than 60 percent of the nation’s population – now have a collective and extraordinarily powerful voice, in a way they didn’t have before,” said Ann Ashburn, President and CEO of AmeriDream, Inc. “Homeowners and homebuyers often feel intimidated before, during and after the home buying process, because of the enormous commitment that buying a home entails. AHAA will be there, in their communities, to provide education, answer their questions, offer them exclusive opportunities and serve as their voice to local, state, regional and national lawmakers.”

Beginning in June, National Homeownership Month, AHAA members will start to receive benefits such as homeownership preparation classes; insight into the real estate and financial markets; financial planning and wealth-building assistance; exclusive home safety and inspection opportunities and information; family and home life resources; down payment assistance; and home retention and loss mitigation assistance should they face the risk of losing their homes due to financial difficulties. AHAA is also in the process of negotiating several exclusive member-only services and opportunities with national organizations and companies.    

Most importantly, in addition to its regional and national presence, AHAA will operate on a local level, so that diverse member issues can be serviced appropriately. AHAA will also provide its services in English and Spanish.

And, Ashburn explained, AHAA wants to hear from its members on what they want their organization to provide them in terms of services, benefits and representation. As such, AHAA has set up a Website at www.homeownersassociation.org for potential members to find information about the organization, submit suggestions, and join. 

“This is a unique opportunity for homebuyers and homeowners not only to have their voices heard, but to shape an organization from the ground up,” Ashburn said. “We look forward to sharing this exciting endeavor with them.” 

For more information on joining AHAA, visit www.ameridream.org or www.homeownersassociation.org or call AmeriDream at 1-866-263-7437.    

About AmeriDream: AmeriDream® offers several programs in support of its mission of expanding affordable housing opportunities for underserved groups.  Since inception, AmeriDream has helped more than 300,000 families and individuals buy and sell homes.  AmeriDream’s Downpayment Assistance Program gifts 3-10% of the sales price of the home for a down payment or closing costs; the gift never has to be repaid.  DreamKeeper Mortgage Payment Relief Program offers homebuyers protection against involuntary unemployment and disability for up to five years after the purchase of their new home.  Additionally, AmeriDream’s online Homebuyer Education Course is offered in both English and Spanish, and is free to users.  The Home Retention/Loss Mitigation Program works with homeowners to make sure all available alternatives to foreclosure are evaluated.  And, the AmeriDream Redevelopment Program builds new, affordable homes and renovates existing properties, placing these properties on the market at prices that accommodate low-income homebuyers.  AmeriDream’s FreshStart Program provides one down payment a month to a family in need and does not require seller participation. Finally, AmeriDream’s Community Link Program has donated over $2 million to numerous worthwhile charitable organizations. AmeriDream works to help families and individuals overcome the obstacles to homeownership.  For more information, visit www.ameridream.org.




The mission of AmeriDream®, Inc., headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, is to expand homeownership opportunities for underserved groups and promote the value of homeownership as the foundation for building strong communities and individual prosperity. AmeriDream, Inc. is a non-profit, publicly supported organization that is tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). AmeriDream, Inc. meets the requirements for a charitable organization, as referenced in the HUD Handbook 4155.1 REV-4, CHG-1 Section 2-10 for FHA insured loans.  In addition to The AmeriDream Downpayment Gift Program and DreamKeeper mortgage payment relief, AmeriDream® also operates The AmeriDream Redevelopment Program in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and Florida, and the Community Link Program nationwide. Through the Redevelopment Program, AmeriDream has spent more than $11 million to rehabilitate properties and return them to the market at affordable prices. Through Community Link, AmeriDream has donated more than $2 million to a range of community organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, the Victims Rights Foundation and the Hatteras Island Rebuilding Fund.