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-- National Nonprofit Organization Launches New Homebuying Course --

Gaithersburg, MD (April 1, 2003) — Buying a home can be a confusing process because of the mounds of paperwork a buyer must wade through, and the responsibilities that come along with being a homeowner can be no less daunting. To help educate potential homebuyers and prepare them to head down the path to homeownership, AmeriDream, Inc. today launches its interactive online homebuying course.

Potential homebuyers will be able to log onto the AmeriDream Web site at www.ameridream.org to take the online homebuying course, which is designed to promote responsible homeownership.

The course is subdivided into five basic sections, with detailed tips and steps on how to apply for a mortgage loan, fill out a mortgage application and negotiate with a lender or seller. It also addresses homeownership issues, such as what to consider when doing initial home inspections, home maintenance, and proper financial planning and management strategies. At the end of each section, participants are required to correctly answer a set of review questions before advancing. After successful completion of the course, which requires a score of 70 or better, participants can print out an award certificate for taking the course.

“AmeriDream believes that homeownership is a strong foundation for successful communities,” said Ann Ashburn, CEO of AmeriDream, Inc. “However, the process of buying a home can keep potential homebuyers away. This course is designed to lessen that intimidation and encourage families and individuals to buy a home.”




The mission of AmeriDream, Inc., headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, is to expand homeownership opportunities for underserved groups and promote the value of homeownership as the foundation for building strong communities and individual prosperity. AmeriDream, Inc. is a non-profit, publicly supported organization that is tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). AmeriDream, Inc. meets the requirements for a charitable organization, as referenced in the HUD Handbook 4155.1 REV-4, CHG-1 Section 2-10 for FHA insured loans.  In addition to The AmeriDream Downpayment Gift Program, AmeriDream also operates The AmeriDream Redevelopment Program in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and Florida, and the Community Link Program nationwide. Through the Redevelopment Program, AmeriDream has spent more than $8 million to rehabilitate properties and return them to the market at affordable prices. Through Community Link, AmeriDream has donated more than $1.5 million to a range of community organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, and the Victims Rights Foundation.