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The Truth About DPA

Press Releases

1/28/2009 Dear Mr. President
1/20/2009 AmeriDream commends bipartisan legislation to strengthen the U.S. housing market
1/7/2009 Pending Home Sales Data Shows Need For Downpayment Assistance
12/17/2008 AmeriDream Congratulates President-elect’s Housing Secretary Nominee
12/5/2008 AmeriDream: Lowering Mortgage Rates Is Only Part of the Solution
12/4/2008 AmeriDream points to overlooked economic solution
11/19/2008 Four solutions to the housing crisis
10/23/2008 AmeriDream Responds to Greenspan Testimony
10/22/2008 AmeriDream aids California firefighting efforts
10/16/2008 August home sales surge thanks in part to downpayment assistance
10/3/2008 AmeriDream: There is a hole in Congress’ financial rescue package
10/1/2008 CBO Report: DPA Could Generate New Revenue For U.S. Treasury
9/16/2008 H.R. 6694 is approved by key Congressional Committee
9/16/2008 AmeriDream applauds report by American Enterprise Institute Fellow Alex Brill
9/16/2008 National Association of Realtors Endorses Downpayment Assistance
9/10/2008 AmeriDream: H.R. 6694 Scheduled for Markup Next Week
9/10/2008 DPA Legislation Moving Forward, BUT Not Done Yet!
8/15/2008 The Argument For Preserving Down Payment Assistance
8/1/2008 Congress To Reauthorize Down Payment Assistance
7/30/2008 AmeriDream Responds to Elimination of Down Payment Assistance
7/23/2008 Latin American Labor Council Backs Downpayment Assistance
7/16/2008 America Weighs In For Downpayment Assistance
7/15/2008 Home Builders Predict “Devastating Impact”
7/3/2008 Chicago Tribune Corrects Erroneous Report
6/23/2008 Chicago Tribune Erroneously Reports on AmeriDream's
6/16/2008 During Homeownership Month HUD Proposes A Rule That Would Eliminate Homeownership For 100,000 Homebuyers Annually
6/9/2008 HUD’s Efforts to Eliminate Downpayment Assistance Will Hurt Qualified Homebuyers
4/9/2008 HUD Misleading Congress and the Public on Key Charitable Downpayment Assistance Program
4/4/2008 U.S. Senate Slamming the Door on Key Charitable Downpayment Assistance Programs
4/1/2008 AmeriDream Statement on Resignation of HUD Secretary Jackson
3/5/2008 AmeriDream WINS Lawsuit Against HUD
3/4/2008 Judge Sets Aside HUD Rule
2/28/2008 AmeriDream Continues To Provide DPA
11/15/2007 AmeriDream Commends Supporters in House of Representatives, Urges Congressional Action in Support of Charitable Down Payment Assistance
11/8/2007 AmeriDream Gives Aid to Victims of California Wild Fires
10/31/2007 Court Enters Injunction Against HUD Regulation
10/22/2007 AmeriDream Granted Extension
10/10/2007 AmeriDream Files For Temporary Restraining Order Against HUD Rule
10/2/2007 Congressional leaders vow to fight HUD Rule and Protect the Dream of Homeowners
10/1/2007 Down Payment Assistance Charity Challenges HUD Rule
9/13/2007 Statement from Ann Ashburn - Homeownership Act of 2007
6/22/2007 AmeriDream Testifies on Homeowner Downpayment Assistance Programs and Related Issues
4/15/2007 Diffusing the Myths About Non-Profit Down Payment Assistance (NDPA)
4/6/2007 AmeriDream Statement on FHA Reform and Modernization
3/21/2007 Don’t Let Subprime Loans Unravel Your Dream
3/17/2007 AmeriDream Addresses National Community Reinvestment Coalition
10/30/2006 Government Research Overstates Problems of FHA Loans w/ DPA
8/31/2006 AmeriDream Awarded $8 Million for Affordable Housing
5/15/2006 Letter to John W. Snow, Secretary of the Treasury
5/5/2006 AmeriDream Statement on the IRS Revenue Ruling 2006-27
2/16/2006 AmeriDream Lauds Changes That Streamline FHA Mortgage Insurance Program
2/10/2006 AmeriDream Lauds Bush Administration’s HUD Budget Proposal
8/24/2005 Memorandum: Deductibility of Sellers’ Contribution
6/30/2005 AmeriDream Testifies on Congressional Bill H.R. 30
4/19/2005 AmeriDream Partners with The First American Corpor
4/12/2005 AmeriDream Chosen as Part of Development Team
4/4/2005 AmeriDream Receives $13 Million to Fund Woodson He
3/23/2005 Association for Homeowners Across America (AHAA) C
3/14/2005 AmeriDream Redevelopment Sells Out Phase I of Lehi
3/7/2005 AmeriDream and SMI Team Up with Grabaflyer
2/14/2005 AmeriDream Donates to Tsunami Relief Fund
2/7/2005 AmeriDream Accepts Individual Taxpayer Identificat
2/7/2005 AmeriDream Dedicated to Increasing Minority Homeow
12/3/2004 AmeriDream Supports Fannie Mae Report Stating Adju
11/15/2004 AmeriDream Collects Food for Project Harvest
10/13/2004 AmeriDream Sponsors the 91st Annual Mortgage Banke
9/27/2004 AmeriDream Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage M
7/29/2004 AmeriDream Partners with NMFEE to Help Teachers an
6/2/2004 AmeriDream Launches DreamKeeper Mortgage Payment R
4/8/2004 Work to Begin on Affordable Single-Family Home Pro
4/1/2004 AmeriDream Applauds HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson
3/24/2004 AmeriDream Testifies On HR 3755, the "Zero Downpay
3/18/2004 AmeriDream Donates to Northeast Florida Builders A
1/20/2004 AmeriDream Responds to FHA Zero Down Payment Mortg
12/16/2003 "AmeriDream Invited to Attend Signing of American
12/10/2003 "AmeriDream Announces Support of American Dream Do
12/2/2003 "AmeriDream, Inc. Holds First Open House of 100 Af
12/2/2003 "OICA's Thomasenia Cotton Joins AmeriDream, Incorp
11/18/2003 "AmeriDream and Outer Banks Home Builders Associat
10/20/2003 "AmeriDream Launches Gift Xpress - The First Elect
10/11/2003 "Today's Dayton Homeownership Fair Helps Make the
8/11/2003 "AmeriDream Named Calyx Preferred Point Partner"
7/25/2003 "AmeriDream to Assist Buyers Stranded by Federal A
7/25/2003 "Hampton Roads Homeownership Fair Today: Chesapeak
7/25/2003 "Spanish-language Version of Popular Online Homebu
6/25/2003 "Conference Addresses Benefits of Homeownership"
6/2/2003 "AmeriDream Launches Spanish-Language Web Site"
5/28/2003 "AmeriDream Builds Innovative Home for Residents w
5/12/2003 "NOAAH's New Partnership with AmeriDream Will Help
5/6/2003 "AmeriDream, NAHREP Partner to Increase Hispanic H
5/5/2003 "May Graduates Have Home-Buying Options"
4/23/2003 "AmeriDream Hosts Rosemont Elementary School Stude
4/22/2003 "AmeriDream Fixes up Senior Citizen's Washington,
4/22/2003 "Creating An Affordable, Earth-Friendly Future"
4/10/2003 "AmeriDream Launches New Division Aimed at Reducin
4/3/2003 "Non-Profit Takes Charity to Heart"
4/3/2003 "Spring Cleaning is Just One Way to Sell a Home"
4/1/2003 "AmeriDream's New Online Course Guides Homebuyers
3/15/2003 "AmeriDream Advantage Program Open to Mortgage Bro
3/8/2003 "Donations Open Doors to Women Homebuyers"
2/18/2003 "National Housing Program Dedicated to Increasing
2/4/2003 "The AmeriDream Charity Becomes AmeriDream, Inc."
12/19/2002 "AmeriDream Charity Announces New Leadership"
12/2/2002 "AmeriDream Launches New Interactive Web Site"
11/21/2002 "Ameridream Advantage Program Helps First Buyer Ac
11/15/2002 "$70,000 Donation Benefits Victims of Sniper Attac
10/30/2002 "Community Reinvestment Acceptance Group Partners
10/16/2002 "AmeriDream, Industry Association Participate in W
10/4/2002 "AmeriDream Launches 'The Voice' Grassroots Networ
10/1/2002 "Letter from HAND Interim Chairman Chris Russell t
9/30/2002 "AmeriDream Receives Veterans Affairs Department's
9/30/2002 "Donation Slated for Construction of Orphanage in
8/23/2002 "AmeriDream Charter Member of New Housing Industry
7/15/2002 "Former Crack House Renovated to Bring New Afforda
6/11/2002 "AmeriDream Celebrates National Homeownership Mont
5/2/2002 "Senior Citizen's Home Repaired as Part of 'Rebuil
4/23/2002 "Study Refutes Accusations of Increased Mortgage D
2/4/2002 "AmeriDream Restricts Use of Gift Funds In Respons
1/20/2002 "An Announcement on HUD Letters"
12/20/2001 "AmeriDream Charity Awarded Governer's Citation"
12/4/2001 "The AmeriDream Charity, Inc. Receives National Re
9/18/2001 "Disaster Victims Receive Support"
7/31/2001 "Efforts Continue to Support Other Non-Profits"
4/30/2001 "Habitat for Humanity and Others Benefit from Dona
4/12/2001 "AmeriDream to Host Art Auction"
2/27/2001 "Charitable Donations Reach Beyond Homebuyers"
1/12/2001 "HUD Withdraws Proposed Rule Prohibiting Gifts Fro
12/28/2000 "Flood Victims Get Help to Return Home"
11/1/2000 "$1.2 Million Pledged to Redevelopment Program"
10/19/2000 "$10K Donated to Organization that Helps Troubled